Do we need to make further spending cuts?

George Osborne is taking a reckless gamble by extending his fiscal target out to 2017/18. Government borrowing will now remain at dangerously high levels for a prolonged period. Worse still, the deficit reduction plan could easily be derailed by lower-than-forecast growth. The Chancellor is relying on robust growth in the medium term to boost tax revenues and enable him to meet his targets without the need for radical spending cuts. This outcome cannot, however, be guaranteed. Recent history shows that OBR forecasts are extremely unreliable. Borrowing in 2013/14 is already likely to be almost double the figure originally expected. If stronger growth fails to materialise, the UK could quickly lose the confidence of the bond markets and face a debt spiral. Given the risks, a wiser Chancellor would have taken a much more conservative approach. Deeper cuts would have made Britain much more resilient to future growth shocks.

6 December 2012, City AM


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